James Jackson

I’ve been training people for over 25 years and I’ve been writing nutrition plans for longer than I can remember. In that time I’ve helped people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and catered for all types of food allergies, eating disorders and medical conditions.

With all my time spent learning, researching and experimenting with what does and doesn’t work with all types of clients, I’ve put every bit of knowledge I have into designing an exercise regime and a nutrition plan that stands head and shoulders above everything else. The results I’ve achieved speak for themselves.

Prior to becoming a full time Personal Trainer and Director of Switch Fitness Ltd I had a career working in establishments both here and abroad as a fully qualified chef, up to Executive Chef level. My skills in the kitchen have allowed me to create some fantastic recipes with the minimal amount of preparation and cooking time helping to ensure that my clients are able to stick to their eating plans, even with the pressures of today’s work/life demands.

The Switch Plan is the culmination of all those years working as a Head Chef, all those years writing nutrition plans and being a Personal Trainer, tens of thousands of hours spent learning, researching and practicing what does and does not work and of course all the feedback from the clients I have helped telling me what is and isn’t practical in the real world.

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