Just keep swimming….

by | Jun 3, 2019

OK, let’s talk about NEAT. Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

When you are dieting, the whole aim is to consume fewer calories than you burn. That’s it. Nothing magical or scientific, a plain simple deficit.

You can do this in a few ways

  • Burn more and eat the same
  • Burn the same and eat less
  • Burn more AND eat less

Now most people try and do number 3, they ramp up their exercise, and go on a diet. For most people however this is not sustainable, it’s too much all in one go.

Exercise in itself is fine if you LIKE IT, but if you don’t then it’s always going to be a battle, not to mention you have to find the time to do it, go to a gym etc etc

But what people don’t realise is that actual exercise only makes up a very SMALL part of the calories you burn each day, yes can be the bit that seems to take up the most time and causes the most disruption.

Have a look at this….

This is basically telling you that assuming you trained for an hour each day, as in gym kind of exercise, your actual exercise calories would STILL only come to around 10% of your TOTAL¬† daily calories burned. That’s quite rubbish.


Notice that NEAT is at LEAST TWICE more of the daily calories. And NEAT is the easy, basic, simple stuff: standing instead of sitting, walking, fidgeting, using the stairs, washing your hair, picking your nose, ALL that kind of stuff.

It’s the stuff you probably don’t consider as exercise, but it actually burns MORE calories than ‘actual’ exercise does, and is EASY to do.

SO, when dieting, if you want to give yourself the best chance of success (and incidentally the very best chance of KEEPING it off) you need to move more.

NOT EXERCISE, but simply moving. 

I repeat, stop worrying about EXERCISE if it’s not your ‘thing’, just MOVE MORE, increase your NEAT and your fat loss efforts will thank you for it.