Looking at it wrong

by | May 27, 2019

I need to credit my training partner Chris for the inspiration behind this post….

He had a conversation with a guy recently and they were chatting about the fact Chris needed to get on his diet and lose weight.

Chris proceeded to tell him the usual stuff…

“But it’s so hard”

“I’m going to miss my takeaways”

“But I love a few pints on the weekend” etc etc

Chris came across all doom and gloom as most people do when they talk about or think about a diet. They associate it with restriction, deprivation and misery.

But this guy he was chatting to, who had previously dieted ONCE and lost a lot of weight, turned around and simply said…


Chris was like “What you on about mate” and the guy said this:

“HOW EXCITING to be able to diet AT ALL, to have the chance to completely change your life. To look better, feel better, move better and live better. How exciting to know that all you have to do is stick to this new diet and all of the above WILL happen for you. It’s just a matter of time”

Chris replied…

“You know what I have never looked at it that way. I have always looked at the negatives, never the exciting positives and the benefits, thank you!

And that is what I am going to leave you with this week lol.