by | Jul 16, 2020


  • You’ve been trying to diet for years, had the occasional success but the weight has just gone back on, usually more.
  • You’ve had days/weeks/periods where you are ON your diet, or OFF your diet
  • You’ve had holidays, weekends, social events where you have thrown responsibility to the wind and eaten/drunk for fun
  • You’ve cried about your size and shape, you’ve sat there and sworn blind that THIS IS IT THIS TIME
  • You’ve joined countless diets, tried numerous fads, joined a gym, started couch to 5k, considered buying pills, thought about surgery, done it all.
  • You’ve counted calories, points, syns, carbs, fasted, GI controlled, you name it, you’ve most likely tried it

BUT YOU WEIGH MORE NOW than you did when you very first started to diet.


  • You start each week with fresh perspective, this is it, doing it now
  • No junk, rubbish, crappy food. I’m going to be a new me, starting tomorrow I’m going to show everyone I CAN do this
  • Oh but I love some chocolate, and I am out with the girls on Friday, and it’s Doris’s birthday Sunday and she always makes a roast. What will I do for tea after swimming on Thursday with Billy cos we always get a Maccies on the way home, and what about the hubster, we always have pizza on a saturday night, what will we do now?
  • There’s just no point, I will try but there’s no way I can do it this week
  • Trying to kill yourself doing some exercise you don’t really enjoy
  • Not to worry today will be good, and I only had 2 of those biscuits in the office yesterday

THE PROBLEM, trying to diet the same way you always have done. But the way you have always done it has meant you actually NOW WEIGH MORE, so it hasn’t worked, it doesn’t work, it’s NOT working.


That way of dieting DOES WORK but only for some, the all or nothing, food is either good or bad, the fresh starts, looking for the magic fix.

You’ve been there and tried it. That doesn’t mean it wont EVER work for you, but so far it has not and you have gOT to assume it isn’t going to either ANY TIME SOON


  • One day at a time, not worrying about what is coming up, ONLY FOCUSSING ON TODAY
  • MAXIMISING every dieting opportunity possible. Realising that if there is no REASON to cheat on your diet today, then you don’t
  • Enjoying a broad range of food, including junk and unhealthy rubbish. The stuff you enjoy. Not seeing it as the end of the world, simply food
  • Taking some responsibility and tracking your calories, allowances, whatever it is. NOT being lazy, not expecting things to happen FOR YOU. Owning up to the task ahead and being a grown up.
  • Enjoying social events but NOT seeing them as time OFF the diet but simply part OF the diet. You’ve dieted at all other opportunities, you have earned the right to do this. Enjoy. That doesn’t mean go crazy, cos that is STUPID, you do after all want to lose weight, don’t you? having 3 drinks with friends is still having a drink. Having 10 and a kebab is STUPID.
  • Finding an exercise you love and doing it more, even if walking. Realising that ALL activity is exercise and it ALL COUNTS
  • Understanding that YES you want it all shifted like yesterday but you can’t bloody have it. It will not happen, and every time you have tried to do it quick, you ended up fatter, so forget that idea.

NO ONE, who ever tried to lose weight slowly, like an average of 1lb a week, EVER EVER EVER got fatter

BUT 99% of people who try to lose it QUICK, always, always fail and ultimately end up fatter, think about that!

WHY? because fast is not sustainable, it’s too restrictive, not sustainable for you. Bad idea.

So slow down, take stock of how you are currently TRYING to diet, establish a pattern, realise it’s not worked, and CHANGE your expectations and application of it.