So I ended up…

by | Oct 11, 2019

If I had a quid for every time I, and probably you, have heard that phrase.

“I had a terrible day at work, so I ended up having something quick and easy for tea”

“I went to see my friend who was sad so I ended up having a takeaway to cheer her up”

“Things didn’t go to plan coupled with everything else wrong today meant the worst day ever so I ended up…, you get the picture!

Now as always this isn’t directed at any one member and is not to belittle anyone’s life or bad days, but the absolute truth (and you know this to be true if you are honest with yourself) is that they are all simply excuses. Nothing more.

You chose an easy way out at the first opportunity, using the situation as an excuse to justify what you did (not sticking to your diet basically)

I say this as a qualified individual because of course I have done it myself, hundreds of times.

You know full well you could of made a better choice. You did NOT need to have a chippy, you did NOT need to have a takeaway, you did NOT need to eat all that chocolate.

Tomorrow was NOT another day, TODAY WAS THE DAY. Today was your chance to shine, to be strong, to prove to yourself that you CAN do this and you WANT to make a change. To prove that despite things not going to plan you stayed focussed and stuck to your objectives.

If you ate the takeaway or the chocolate because you WANTED to, fine. That was a conscious decision that YOU made, NOT one that was created by any situation, so don’t blame the situation! You were simply looking for the first excuse to feel better about ‘not dieting’.

If you really want to be successful at this dieting lark then you HAVE to realise that these situations happen all the time, to everyone, and will continue to do so.

If you are going to allow things like this to happen, and for you to crumble and cave in each and every time you will never succeed, which may well be one of the reasons you have not managed in the past.

You need a plan, you need some guidelines and you need an emergency backup.

Make some meals, even one will do and freeze that bad boy. If you are in late due to cars breaking down, hospital visits, over running meetings, whatever, it’ll take you just as long to nuke that than it will to stop on the way home and blow the diet.

Realise that if you have to eat off plan for whatever reason (A&E and only a vending machine available for example) then you STILL have a choice.

You either ‘fast’, which you will survive I assure you, or you make better choices, or more importantly, smaller choices. You don’t need the cake or biscuits after the toast from the hospital canteen, you just need enough to get you through.

In essence you need to remember that each time you eat off plan and think you have an excuse to justify it you not only jeopardise the diet but you prolong the whole agonising dieting journey AND you mess with your psyche. The feelings of regret and remorse for cheating only compound with the already rubbish situation to make things worse.

So don’t get all cross and angry with me sending you this, I am writing it as much as anything as a message to myself, but deep down, when you actually think about it, you know you could have done better and you know that you used the situation as a get out of jail free card.

Well YOU are the only person who suffers from it.

You are the one who wakes up the next day having wasted an opportunity to move closer to your goals. Not your mate you shared the takeaway with, not your family who pleaded ‘let’s just get something quick’, not the work colleague who asked you to go for a drink, YOU!

You are the ONLY one who suffered for it. It really wasn’t an excuse, it was more like a punishment, and someone, somewhere is laughing at you (and at me when I’ve done it) thinking “What a mug!”

If you want to succeed at this, you need to cut these situations down, make better choices, have an emergency backup in place and NOT look at a difficult situation as an excuse to fill your chops.

Because in 99% of cases (I know there are exceptions) it isn’t, despite your protestations that it was….