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Super Simple

by | Jan 4, 2019

I have been reminded of this a lot this week by some of the questions I have been asked by members and it’s worth pointing out the basics again…

Dieting is simple. Consume less calories (either in food or drink) than your body burns and you will lose fat. That’s it. No magic, no exceptions.

There are some complications where the body can adapt to this and lower its NEED for calories, making it harder to sustain a calorie deficit, or certain medications can lower the figure as well, but the science still applies. All it means is you have to eat less.

If you doubt this, try an experiment where you eat only 500 calories per day, every day. Eventually you will die, and as I always say, before you get to the death bit, you will have gone through a SLIM bit, stop at THAT point and you will have nailed it.

Don’t think for a minute you are different or special from a fat loss point of view. Science wins every day, you are a biological organism and the rules DO apply to you.

NOW, this post is relating to weight loss, not optimal health. We are talking about getting your excess fat off and making you slim, meaning you will by default become healthier. So if you are overweight, focus on the weight loss first and foremost.

Now ALL you have to do to achieve your dream weight loss, is stick to a calorie deficit, that’s it.

Don’t worry about the type of foods you eat, or when you eat, or how much you drink, or how much exercise you do, or getting the right type of vitamins or minerals, or avoiding certain foods, or getting enough sleep, or proteins, fats and carbs or ANY of that.

CALORIES or FOOD ALLOWANCES, that’s your job, one job only primarily, control what goes in your mouth. No special tools required, nice and easy.

Do that, fat burns off, you end up with a flat belly, jobs a good un, and THEN we can focus on making you optimally healthier, nutritionally speaking, but for now, if overweight, your job is to shift it.

So don’t complicate matters, don’t be swayed or confused or thrown off track by things you see or read or how well Doris is doing on her diet, focus on your ONE JOB, that’s it.

I know that is simplistic, I know you would love there to be some reason that is out of your control and explains why you became overweight so that it’s not your fault, but there isn’t one. 

I know you would like a quick magic fix, that one thing that miraculously suddenly means science does not apply to you and no matter what you did the weight fell off, but there isn’t one.

SO, head down, focus on the one task at hand, don’t be distracted, don’t complicate stuff, don’t worry about the meal timing or the exercise or the water or the food types or ANY OF IT, SIMPLY focus on the calories you consume (either calories or food allowances etc, basically stick to your plan) and if you do that

the ONLY thing standing between you and your dream belly, is just some time. THAT IS IT!

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