The Holiday

by | Jul 19, 2019

So it’s Holiday Season, in fact lots of you have already been, and for most people dieting it can cause a dilemma.

Nearly everyone goes with the intention of ‘not being too bad’. That’s fine and admirable but to be honest not very realistic.

If you are following a diet that is quite restrictive then it’s a chance to relax and let go, and it’s ‘accepted’ that you don’t diet on a holiday, so you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone or feel guilty.

BUT I want to point a few things out to you before you decide what to do:


If you do you WILL feel better for it. You won’t get a stuffed carb belly, you will have more energy, be more alert, want to be more active, play with the kids etc AND you will return without too much damage done.

Still enjoy a drink, still eat foods you normally would not, just not ALL of them, and I PROMISE YOU, and I speak from experience, you will have no less a great holiday because of it. Just employ SOME moderation.


2 things with this really. Firstly the opposite to everything I have just said. You will be full and bloated from day one, you’ll have no energy, have no focus and let’s be honest, feel pretty shit

But MORE importantly, think about how hard it is for you to lose weight, how you struggle and have been doing for ages. If you go and put 7lb on that is simply ADDING to your problems, it’s an even bigger mountain to climb.

YES life is short, yes you need to have fun, but dieting SUCKS and is NOT FUN, so why do something that is going to prolong the agony?


Go, have fun, enjoy your alcohol, enjoy different foods, but you don’t need to drink ALL the alcohol and you don’t need to eat ALL the food. 

You don’t need to have it JUST because it is there. Honestly you don’t.

Employ some moderation and you will have an amazing time, while enjoying food and drink you would not have when dieting, and then when you return there is not loads of work to do and you can simply get back to where you left off.

At the end of the day though, you are an adult. I literally cannot tell you the number of people who come back from holiday, weigh themselves, and then get annoyed with their weight gain and moan to me about it.

if you choose to NOT DIET, be responsible for it, have fun, but come back and behave like an adult and crack on.

You are in charge of your own actions…