The New Year Reality

by | Dec 27, 2019

So I am guessing you have been saying to yourself

“Not to worry, soon be January, I will diet then”

Well that time is nearly here. New Year 2020 is just around the corner and talking about it soon needs to become action.

I am going to email you all this coming Sunday evening (so look out for it please) and it has my 10 points to follow to ensure that 2020 is successful for you from a dieting point of view.

This coming New Year you have everything to play for.

How many New Years have there been where you have said to yourself “NO MORE”, and “THIS WILL BE THE LAST ONE”?

You have a clean slate, a blank canvas. January is an incredibly positive and motivational time for most people but understand this:

If you try to do what you have done before (and failed) then the same will happen again.

I don’t mean the actual diet you are following, I mean your attitude towards it.

Most people aim for the end of January, thats their target, if they can just get to Feb they have nailed it, but I can tell you from both professional and personal experience that if you think that way you are doomed.

99% of people through Jan are as good as they possibly can be on their diet, to the point of being TOO extreme and strict, which only works for a short period of time.

As soon as they hit Feb it’s like the brakes go on, they relax a bit, rebound from the strictness of Jan and then it all goes downhill.

So this year, think smarter. Don’t be forcing yourself to stick to something that you don’t think you will still be able to do in February.

Find a less harsh balance.

Better to diet for 2 full months and lose 10lb than to lose 10lb in Jan alone and put 3lb back on in Feb.

I know everyone wants it all yesterday, me included when I diet but it simply does not work. It is not sustainable and that has been your problem in recent years.

So this coming year, SLOW DOWN, allow some treats, be a little LESS rigid. ANY LOSS is still a loss and if you approach it slower, more gently, almost like a hobby as opposed to a mission then you will succeed.

It’s NOT a race, easily said but it’s not, racing leads to failure.

Steady, consistent, bit of flexibility, laughs along the way, THAT is how you are going to win at this.

All or nothing, NO.

January is NOT the only dieting month this year!

DO NOT forget to look out for my email on Sunday evening, it’s JAM PACKED with stuff to help you.