THE SHREDDER DIET PLAN is a stricter, get the job done diet plan. It is for people who have had enough of the roller coaster ride of fat loss and fed up of always going up and down with their weight.

Our Regular Switch Plan Diet follows a lifestyle approach, designed to offer a more steady rate of fat loss while affording lot’s of opportunity to socialise, eat plenty of convenience food and generally be more relaxed.

If that is what you need then read no further, Shredder is not for you.

However for some people  a more structured, disciplined, restrained and controlled approach is required. They simply cannot be trusted with too much freedom and their diet is always ‘failing’

The Shredder will ensure your main meals of the day are structured, perfectly balanced and designed for the business of fat loss. In addition you then have Discretionary Calories (DC’s) that allow you to add extra food, and snack, or enjoy treats etc. as a controlled percentage of your overall food intake. 

It’s the perfect balance for health and fat loss, but it IS a diet, designed to get the job done. Not a coast along, mess around, life is too short kind of plan.


Fat Burning ‘Protein and Fat’ Food Tables
(Two of your meals each day are made using food lists ONLY. These lists are micro managed with individual amounts for each individual member, and will be updated monthly)

Food Quality
(A diet made up predominantly of minimally processed, nutrient rich foods, designed to fuel your gut bacteria and hormonal system, improving your overall health, energy levels and fat burning potential)

1000’s of Recipe Options
(all quick & easy to make, ideal for families and with videos or picture storylines)

Discretionary Calories (DC’s)
A personalised ‘Discretionary Calorie Allowance‘ each day for any extra meals, treats and ‘junk’, adding additional foods to your Shredder Meals and foods NOT on the lists. This is a carefully calculated percentage of your overall daily intake. This does not require laborious calorie counting.)

Daily Water Intake Target
(this can include teas, coffees and water flavoured with fruit or no added sugar cordials).


Fully Personalised Exercise Plans
(updated monthly for gym or home)

Exercise Is Optional
(don’t like exercise? we can work with that. We even have workouts for ‘dodgy knees’)

100’s of Home Workout Videos
(15 or 30 minutes long for all abilities and minimal kit)

100’s of Gym Instruction Videos
(to ensure safe and correct technique)



Join our FB Support Group
(Community support with other members, nutrition quizzes, motivation videos, fitness polls, daily challenges and loads more)

24/7 Support by Telegram Messenger
(no lengthy email replies. Quick & Efficient and free)

Aggressive Accountability
(You will not be able to fall behind or hide in the shadows, there is no ‘hiding’ on The Switch Plan)



New Recipes
(added weekly to keep your diet fun)

Q&A Videos
(covering questions members have asked)

Motivation Posts
(to keep your head in the game for weekends)

Complete Transparency
(no contracts, joining fees, leaving fees, nothing)

Maintenance Level at only £4.99
(so you can keep your new body for LIFE)


Weighing Food
(this HAS to be done, no exceptions. Eyeballing, guessing, spoons of this etc simply won’t cut it)

Calorie Tracking
(there is a tiny amount of calorie tracking, but you will not need an app for this)

Physical Changes
(Headaches and a bit of lethargy first 2 or 3 days while your body cleans itself up and dumps the sugar in your system)


Membership to The Switch Plan is a dieting and lifestyle changing commitment. You will still be able to socialise and keep your friends but the emphasis is on GETTING RESULTS in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE!

If you have struggled in the past maintaining motivation or focus, sticking to your diet or getting exercise done then this plan is exactly what you need.

Diet, Exercise, Support, Education, Quick access to your own Personal Trainer and a Maintenance Level for when you reach your goal to help you KEEP IT OFF!

Everything you could possibly need…

for around £4.60 per week!


Some sample Shredder Meals…