“I don’t like vegetables”

That’s fine, you do NOT have to eat vegetables if you don’t like them. They are not essential to weight loss. YES they help to fill you up but trying to make yourself eat something you don’t like will only lead to failure.


“I can’t drink much water”

Water again is not essential to weight loss. Some simple tweaks like adding cordial or fresh fruit can make it easier but ultimately at the end of the day, as long as you drink enough to survive (which you have managed to do so far your entire life) then you will be fine honestly.


“I like takeaways”

So does every member on the plan, and they still have them. The Switch Plan is not about completely changing your life, it’s about making small tweaks to ensure it remains sustainable and consistent. If you like takeaways we will still include them for you and make allowances elsewhere in your week.


“I eat a lot of ready meals”

Me too. They are a life saver when on a diet, and members make extensive use of them, in fact I have a whole section on the site about how I encourage members to include them in their diets. Far better to come home and throw something in the microwave than call at the chippy.


“I don’t like counting calories”

No problem, we have 2 different plan styles on The Switch Plan, one includes counting calories, one doesn’t!


“I lose it at Weekends”

Welcome to the club! So for people like you we have a diet plan called THE WEEKENDER. You diet Monday to Friday, nailing it, have weekends off. Sometimes the weight can be slower on this plan but you STILL lose weight, and that’s the ultimate goal right?


“I can’t do or don’t like exercise”

Each and every plan I write is done so assuming you will do NO EXERCISE at all. So if you sat in a chair all day and did not move, but stuck to your diet plan, you will still lose weight. if you DO do exercise however You simply earn more food.


“I don’t want to do your workouts”

Yes, there are hundreds of exercise videos on the site for members to use but they don’t HAVE to, thev are there simply for inspiration. If you wish to do your own exercise that’s fine, you will still earn extra food for it!


“I’m a needy person”

if you are meaning support then don’t worry. You will message direct using Telegram Messenger, no lengthy email turnarounds and can generally expect replies within minutes. I have members who message 20 times a day and they still get replies to every one.


“I lost my weight once but put it back on”

And THAT is why we have a MAINTENANCE LEVEL available that members tend to drop onto when they lose their weight. It allows them to still have access to all of the recipes, education resources, me, exercise videos etc but with maintenance plans written to gradually bring them OUT of dieting and into normal life.


“I love drinking alcohol”

So keep doing it. Alcohol is not banned on this diet AT ALL. You can have as much as you want as long as you stay within your allowances (typically trading some food for it)


“I love carbs”

NO FOOD is off limits on this plan so if you love carbs, EAT THEM, 95% of all members do so no problem.


“I am on medication”

Simply let me know which medication when you fill in your NEW JOINER FORM and we will create you a plan to work with them. They are NOT a barrier to losing weight, despite what you may have been told.


“I have an underactive thyroid”

Assuming you are being medicated for it then no problems at all. You will receive a diet plan that takes this into account so you STILL lose weight


“I have a LOT of weight to lose”

Each diet plan you receive will have a TARGET WEIGHT LOSS on it. Could be as low as 4lbs, could be as high as 12lbs. You simply follow that plan until you reach that target weight loss, then we write you a NEW ONE to keep the weight dropping off, and this process simply repeats until your goal is reached.


“I don’t want to be committed”

There is NO commitment with TSP. No contracts, notice periods, tie ins or leaving fees. Simply stay as long as you need to and leave when you are done.


“I am not on facebook”

Currently around 100 members or so are not on facebook, but this has not stopped THEM losing loads of weight, so not a problem.


“It’s too expensive”

Seriously? It’s less than a pint of beer or glass of wine a week!


“It’s too cheap”

It’s FAR from cheap, it is simply very competitively priced. This makes it available to the masses and affordable. The more members there are, the more people they recommend the plan to. The more members there are, the better service we can provide.

The pricing structure is purely a commercial one so DO NOT think that because it is cheaper than for example Slimming World or Weight Watchers you get less of a service, believe me you don’t.


“I don’t like many foods”

No problem, you will never eat foods you don’t like, ONLY foods you do.


“I am vegetarian”

This is no problem at all.


“I am vegan”

Speak to me first before joining!



Concerned about something else?

Send me a message on 07810481981 and I’ll reply as quick as possible.