Accidentally Eating

by | Aug 21, 2019

We’ve all done it. Accidentally ate something.

“I didn’t realise what I was doing and before I knew it I had eaten the chips”

“I was just on autopilot, it just went in my mouth then I remembered”


What a load of rubbish. And I am allowed to say that because I have done it myself.

If you are dieting, if you really WANT to diet, if you really WANT to lose your weight, you have to take this whole thing seriously.

Not to the point where you are obsessed and nothing else matters, but there has to be some responsibility.

No one ACCIDENTALLY puts ANYTHING in their mouth, and when you say to other people or even yourself ‘ooops that was accidental’ it’s laughable. and you sound ridiculous to others.

Most of the time saying you accidentally ate something is just your way of justifying to yourself WHY you had something, and it’s silly.

If you are having something, have it. Make a conscious decision to have it, and HAVE IT. Take ownership, be responsible. 

Don’t try and make excuses for it, you’re an adult. You control your own actions.

So NOTHING is an accident, everything is intentional.

Remember that your last line of defence when it comes to dieting is this…

At the moment RIGHT BEFORE you eat or drink something, immediately before it goes in your mouth, YOU, and you alone, have the opportunity to decide if you WANT it to go in or not. YOU decide, no one else.

You are always in complete control.