Life is Short

by | Jun 4, 2020

Those of you who know me will be well aware I am a fan of ‘Living Life’. It’s short, over before we know it.

It’s important to make the most of it, primarily, making memories.

When the day comes and you are in your final hours you will remember your memories, not the house or the car or how much money you had in the bank, but the things you did, the times you spent with family or friends.

Now the problem is this can be dangerous.

You may be sat there now thinking “You know what, I am sick of dieting and life is too short, it’s making me miserable and not worth it”

But actually you are looking at this wrong. It’s not the dieting that is making you miserable, it’s the actual being overweight. It’s not being happy with how you look or feel, having to worry about what clothes you will wear, worried about what people will think, feeling shit after binging.

That is what makes you miserable.

Now most of you will have had me say to you at some point (in reply to you asking me about going out)..

“Life is short, just go, have fun, make memories, get back on it tomorrow”



there has to be a line.

If you are using that excuse to not stick to your diet, because that’s the hard thing to do, so actually, ‘making memories tonight eating takeaway with the hubby’ is acceptable

IS NOT ACCEPTABLE (unless it is a specific event)

YES you need to have a life but you have to move forward. If you don’t then this perpetual cycle of dieting, losing weight, putting it back on etc is going to continue forever

and that sucks.

So if you have a specific event, a celebration, something that you simply can’t or don’t want to get out of then YES, go, have fun, make memories, and get back on it the next day

But if you are trying to justify to yourself it’s about making memories tonight cos you can’t be arsed cooking….

you need to pull your big girl knickers up and suck it up buttercup. 

Because if you don’t you will ALWAYS be dieting, which yes sucks, but the being miserable and overweight sucks LOADS MORE

THINK next time, are you just being lazy and choosing the easy option because you can’t be arsed, or is this genuinely one of those situation where the diet has to take on for the team?