Not Too Quick

by | Jan 25, 2021

OK. The truth of the matter is we all want our weight loss to be done NOW, IMMEDIATELY, we are always in a rush and can’t be bothered with being patient.

Regardless of the fact it didn’t go ON overnight, we still want it OFF overnight.

Why? because we want our cake and eat it. Dieting is miserable, boring, restrictive, it sucks. We want to get it over and done with soon as possible so we can go back to having fun.

So the obvious answer for most people is to DIET HARD, LOW allowances, LOW calories, FAST & FURIOUS etc etc

Which works for like 2 weeks (if you stick to it) and yes in theory the less food you eat, the more fat you lose, THAT IS TRUE but you have to be aware of some things…..

  1. Most people can NOT stick to LOW amounts of food. There is too much restriction and it is too hard to sustain, so they end up cheating, then feel they have failed and a whole cascade of negative shit then happens
  2. Fat loss is NOT linear, what works one week will almost certainly not give the same result the next week, and here is why…


When you lose weight your NEED for calories reduces. A 20 stone woman burns more calories every day than a 15 stone woman. So when you started dieting you may have needed 2000 calories a day to maintain your weight, but when you are 10lb lighter you may only need 1850.

Because of this the calorie deficit you were creating at the start of the diet is now getting smaller each time you lose more weight, and the smaller the deficit becomes, the slower the weight loss.

This also means that the lighter you become the HARDER it is to create a BIG deficit.

Our 20 stone woman might need 3000 calories a day to maintain her weight, so to drop 1000 a day off that is easy, she still has 2000 a day to play with

BUT IF YOU WEIGH 140lb NOW and want to lose weight then your maintenance calories may only be 1600, so we can’t possibly drop 1000 a day off that to create the same rate of loss as our 20 stone woman, so YOUR weight loss, the lighter you become naturally gets slower

ALSO, the FASTER you lose weight the more your body rebounds. NOT in the sense that your metabolism crashes, that technically does NOT happen BUT what does happen is it makes other changes in order to SLOW DOWN the rate of loss (by reducing the amount of calories you burn)…

  1. It makes you move less, fidget less. You won’t realise it but you do. You dont walk as much, you sit more, all little things affecting how many calories you burn
  2. Your body temperature drops, meaning the body burns less calories keeping you warm
  3. You sleep more, meaning you are moving less over a day and of course that means burning fewer calories

the list goes on but you get the idea.

The body cant slow you down enough to STOP FAT LOSS, thats is NOT POSSIBLE if you are in a calorie deficit BUT it can grind it down to a virtual stop, and this happens to everyone.

And when this happens we as dieters throw the dummy out and go and binge or eat and think what is the point (meaning the body won, it got what it wanted lol)

Ultimately the take home is this


NOW no one wants slow dieting I realise that BUT think about this

4 weeks of full on hardcore Fast & Furious dieting, losing 16lbs but then rebounding cos it was not sustainable for a further 12 weeks before you get your shizzle together again


16 weeks of losing only 1lb a week, giving you the same weight loss over time but at only 1lb a week you’ve had wine, takeaways, meals out, your social life is intact, your mental health is intact and all is good with the world and this is SUSTAINABLE.

So while you could in theory continue with this indefinitely until you reach your goal, the person in the first example is now going to spend months jumping around trying to find their mojo again, and by the time they do you will have most likely hit your goal.

SLOW WEIGHT LOSS – you don’t want to hear this, but it is the ONLY ONLY ONLY way to maintain your mental health and sustainably hit your goal, and stay there. How depressing is that!

but not as depressing as spending your whole life dieting cos you are always trying to do it TOO quick