Justifying Failure

by | Aug 13, 2020

Dieting isn’t easy, we know that. If it was everyone would be lean, I would be a computer programmer and you would never be reading this post.

The nature of the world we live in, the availability of food, the portion sizes of food, food bastardisation in general and unexpected lockdowns all mean that it’s incredibly hard to actually stick to a diet.

Which means failure is inevitable…BUT

Failure is probably not the failure YOU are thinking about.

Failure is absolutely falling off the diet and not trying any more, THAT is when a diet fails.

Failure is NOT when you simply eat some cake, or get drunk, or have a takeaway. Those events are simply are part of the journey, part of life, they can be made to fit within the diet, and because you keep trying are therefore not failures.

but because you SEE those times as failures you feel like you have to justify it, to yourself and others, and that’s the bit you need to stop doing.

“I got in late so had a chippy”

“Stressful day at work so ate some chocolate”

etc etc, these are not fails, they are simply part of the journey.

You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone for your actions when it comes to your diet, and if you can realise that anything other than completely giving up is NOT a failure then you wont have a NEED to keep justifying yourself.

Take ownership of your actions, realise that no matter what you ate or drank, if you continue to try, it was NOT a fail, just part of the journey, YOUR JOURNEY, no one elses. You ate it, for whatever reason, so make peace with it and keep going.

Relax more, appreciate this is a journey not a do or die race, and you will have much more success.