by | Jun 20, 2019

When we start a diet we choose to do so in 100% of cases, voluntarily. No one makes us, forces us, blackmails us or bullies us.

Regardless of the reasons to start it, we chose to.

Now that is different to meaning that we want to, completely different. NO ONE wants to diet, it’s restrictive, miserable, depressing, boring, horrible..

But is it, or does it have to be?

Well no. The ONLY reason it is, is because you THINK it will be.

You assume it means you can’t have certain foods, you assume you can’t drink, have fun, go out for meals, socialise etc

But that isn’t true, you CAN do all those things still, even when dieting, you just need to do LESS OF IT

That’s different to not doing at all.

You can still have a drinking night, just alternate with glasses of water, you can still go out for meals, just don’t have starters and desserts, you can still have a takeaway, just don’t have all the sides.

I know that goes against most things you read in the media about dieting, we are told from all angles what is healthy and what isn’t but you have to CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT

If you are overweight, then you are currently already unhealthy. FACT.

LOSING WEIGHT WILL MAKE YOU HEALTHIER, far healthier than avoiding chocolate or a glass of wine will ever do for you.

Make a choice, decide what you want most. Do you want to EAT HEALTHIER FOODS, woo hoo go you

Or do you want to lose weight?, which kills 2 birds, cos you get slimmer AND healthier at the same time.

If it’s the latter then THAT is your focus. How you achieve that is irrelevant, what you eat is 99% irrelevant, HOW ‘MUCH’ YOU EAT is 100% RELEVANT

Learn to realise and trust me when I say that you CAN eat foods classed as unhealthy, or non diet, they will NOT stop you losing weight at all

In fact the opposite is true, if they make you feel LESS restricted then they will actually HELP you lose weight by allowing you to stick to your diet more easily and sustainably.

So please, remember you have a choice when dieting, like you had a choice when you STARTED dieting

Choose foods you LIKE to eat, don’t cut them out, just eat less

And most importantly don’t start trying to eat foods you don’t normally eat, that’s a fast track to failure…

If you don’t eat salads from choice normally, but think you now should do cos you are dieting, STOP, you may enjoy them for a few days but it’s NOT sustainable.

Look at your current diet, and make your plan FIT that way of eating, the further away from that you go, the less chance of success you have

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