Fish are friends

by | Nov 8, 2019

All of you know that losing weight is not easy. If it was you would not be part of The Switch Plan, or following ANY diet to be honest, you would simply NOT be overweight in the first place.

But you are, in fact most people are, so you are not alone, you’re part of a much bigger club!


Let’s list the member benefits….

  • Increased risk of Fatal Disease
  • Increased Risk of Diabetes
  • Increased risk of heart Attack

blah blah I don’t need to go on,

you KNOW all this already don’t you. You KNOW you NEED to lose weight for your health, you KNOW that it is actually, probably, killing you and shortening your life, you KNOW it is reducing the QUALITY of your life, you KNOW you are setting a terrible example to your children, you KNOW it is affecting your mental health, the list is endless…

and yet you are STILL overweight, you are STILL a full blown member of the worlds fat club. Why? Why have you not done something about this yet, why are you STILL fat, it’s the simplest thing in the world to fix!

ALL you have to do is EAT LESS FOOD.

Nothing sciencey (not sure if it’s a word), nothing expensive (hell eating less would actually be cheaper), nothing magical, nothing YOU COULD NOT DO!

and yet you don’t eat less, you are still overweight, still fat, still miserable and still killing yourself.

Are you bleeding NUTS!

Well yes, and no.

Let’s get this straight first off


no one else’s, quite simply because NO ONE made you put food in your mouth. There is no argument, no debate, no question, YOU did this to yourself. You chose to eat every single thing you have eaten and drunk since your early teens.


What IS a big problem, and the reason why you have struggled, is your environment, the one we ALL live in.

We are surrounded by fast food, easy food, supermarkets, convenience, advertising, amazing flavours and tastes all scientifically designed to make you want more, everything is bigger, supersized, packaged sexily. On and on, it’s everywhere. Food is no longer for sustenance, it is for pleasure. We simple can’t get away from it.

Ask a smoker to give up smoking if you forced them to live in a house for the rest of their life with other indoor smokers, never going to happen.

So what do you do. How do you give up eating food when it’s both everywhere around you AND something you HAVE to do to survive? You simply can’t go cold turkey (eventual death) so each day you are having to tease yourself with a bit.

Quite simply you need a new mindset, you need to look at food differently, you need to see it as fuel, not fun. You need to think every single time you are going to put something in your mouth, EVERY SINGLE TIME:

“Does this help me”

“Does this get me closer to your goals”

“Do I actually NEED this, or just WANT it”

“Will this make my current situation worse or better”

You control, and have a choice, over everything going past your lips. Each time you eat it is an opportunity to make positive changes to your situation, or to make it worse.

Nothing else in your life has as much control by you, nothing.

SO start now, today, your very next bit of food.

  • Look at it, pause for a moment
  • Think of the above questions
  • If it’s the right thing to do, eat it
  • If it is NOT the right thing to do, grab a drink of water instead.

A small exercise to follow that will make ALL the difference and allow you to fight against the environment you are in.

You’re never going to be away from temptation, it’s everywhere and all around you, but your secret weapon, your last line of defence, is your mouth, The buck stops there.

No matter how much advertising is thrown at you, or how tempting the food and drink looks, or how awesome you imagine the experience to be, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING can go past your lips without YOUR permission. YOU have the final say, and ultimately, ALL the control.

“Yes JJ but we need to have a life, it’s about making memories and having fun”

I agree dude, but you forfeited the right to have ‘fun with abandonment’ when you became fat. It’s now time to reign IN the recklessness and be responsible. December is FAST approaching.

Now you CAN still have fun, but it has to be with controls, and you have proven yourself incapable of doing it WITHOUT controls, you are dangerous when left on your own, so now you have to do it THIS way (for a while anyway, not forever)