It’s YOU

by | Jul 12, 2019

One of the things that dieters regularly do, in fact are nearly always doing, is finding the magic fix. Searching for something else that’s better than what they are doing now.

They want something that magically shifts the weight, understandable, dieting is rubbish.

But ALL diets, regardless of how they are presented to you, are based off a calorie reduction. Period. Points, sync, allowances, calories, ALL the same.

When you are struggling, or want weight loss faster, it’s natural to think you need to try something else but you need to understand this:

The diet is rarely ever broken (with the exception of SW for most people). ANY calorie deficit will shift weight on you, from any plan. The problem is YOU.

YOU are the reason the diet isn’t working FOR YOU, and normally it is because of these reasons:


You still look at food as diet or non diet, or clean, or dirty and this causes you to restrict yourself too hard and as a result you end up sneaking something in, think you have failed and BOOM, the day is ruined


You want it all yesterday, all gone, magically, kaboom, bye. Despite the fact the weight went on slowly you want your cake and eat it and have it all shifted like NOW. This speed causes you to try and diet too hard and as a result, too restrictive and unsustainable


You still, despite having been told hundreds of times forget that the scales show your TOTAL body weight, which includes water, and water fluctuates DAILY, which means your WEIGHT on the scales fluctuates DAILY.

These three things are the cause of you still dieting, all these years later.

If you can simply address each of these three things, make peace with them, adjust your attitude towards them, you WILL SUCCEED.

No combination of foods are magical, no system is miraculous. You simply need to be consistent.

For example, what scares me the most from members is this statement:

“Which of your plans will lose the weight quickest”

This sets alarm bells ringing and means I have to pay extra attention to their progress. I’m not saying fast weight loss isn’t possible, it is, but 99.9% of people can’t do what is required, sustainably, for fast fat loss.

REMEMBER: A consistent weight loss, over the long term ALWAYS beats a fast weight loss over the short term, on ANY responsibly written diet plan.

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