by | Jun 20, 2019

So, when you start your diet, you look at your weight, you work out that at 2lb a week, it’ll take you say 4 months to lose it all

We all do that, me included.

But there are some things you need to be aware of with that plan.

If you weigh less than 160lb that isn’t going to happen every week

You are relying on weight only as your guide, and water fluctuations will mess that up for you

You will have meals, day’s, weekends, holidays, where you simply don’t diet

You will get bored, frustrated, have can’t be arsed moments

LOADS OF THINGS will guarantee, I GUARANTEE, will stop you losing 2lb a week.

So there are two things I have learned from over 20 years of helping people lose weight

You actually always have MORE weight to lose than you think you do

It will ALWAYS take longer than you think it will

I am sorry about this but it’s true.

SO what do you do about it? Well you do this:


Then add 20%

So if you think you have 20lb to lose, you’ve probably actually got 24lb to lose


So if you have 24lb to lose, you’re thinking at 2lb a week thats 12 weeks

So this time multiply that by 1.5

So 12 weeks becomes 18 weeks

YOU’RE THINKING…well this is shit, your diet plan sucks

But it’s NOT the diet plan, or ANY diet plan, IT IS LIFE AND FACT

EVEN if you were on 500 calories a day various things will happen (metabolic adaptations, energy expenditure adaptations) to make all of the above STILL HAPPEN

Weight loss would still be slower than you think it will

You will still have more to lose than you think you will

SO, what to do

Well in order to stop you being depressed or negged out, change your expectations.

Focus on simply losing weight EVERY WEEK, not how much, or what you STILL have ton lose, or how long it is taking

If you focus simply each week on aiming to lose SOMETHING, then you WILL inevitably reach your goal, it’s a guaranteed fact.

And considering most of you have been dieting for like EVER, that’s a win in my books.

Slow down, remove the expectations and goals, one week at a time, THAT IS ALL

DO THAT, change your thinking, and you WILL SUCCEED

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