Stop wasting chances

by | Mar 18, 2019

I shall put this here at the beginning of this post to remind you of the mammoth task ahead of you when you are dieting:

“You simply need to consume less calories that the body needs”

I hope that didn’t scare you, I know it’s harsh and a bit full on in your face but that’s the cold hard truth.

I appreciate it would be easier if there was…

  • A magic food you could eat
  • A magic food you could avoid
  • A pill you could take
  • A magic exercise you could do

But there isn’t. You simply need to eat less. That’s it.

Now when put like it that does it make you (cos it does make me) feel a bit daft that you have not lost all your weight already?

Theres no complex calculations, mythical activity or food, you simply need to eat less.


YES, there are certain factors that affect how many calories you need (medication, hormonal profile, sleep, stress, activity levels, age etc) but this still means that if you consume less than your body needs (allowing for any of the above complications) you will still lose weight.

SO, why have you not?

The answer is still really simple. You see food as diet or non diet, you have been brainwashed into thinking that if you are on a diet there are certain things you should and should not eat.

but if your diet is for weight loss, that’s not true. Calories are calories when it comes to weight loss (and I harp on about this ALL the time and STILL members message me saying “Oh I ate some junk at the weekend so failed”

AND THAT RIGHT THERE is the problem. You ate something, thought it was bad and mentally in your head thought you had blown it, so you blow it some more and plan to start again, or get all depressed cos you can’t do it!


You can eat the foods you want to and they will not stop you losing weight as long as your quantities are right (calories or food allowances etc) BUT this is where it goes wrong..

Typically, the NICE food that we are discussing here is higher in calories (that’s why you are overweight in the first place) so they HAVE to be restricted a bit. NOT because of WHAT the food is, but because it is high in calories.

Now without a doubt it’s a good idea to include these foods. Deprivation leads to failure but you CAN’T DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY if you don’t have enough calories.

SO, to ensure that you DO have enough calories you have GOT to stick to your plan on every single day where you CAN so that on the days you WANT a Maccies or takeaway you have earned the right to do so.

If you KNOW you have a takeaway on a Saturday then save the calories/allowances up in advance, earn the nice stuff, keep it in your plan. 

Don’t waste the days you CAN be good, by being bad for the sake of it, that’s foolish.

On every day you can diet, DO SO, go under even, build a buffer to help offset the weekends, then on the days you DO want to relax more you can do so still within your plan.

And if you do that, you will still lose weight.


“You simply need to consume less calories that the body needs”

It honestly is that simple, the only thing that stops you IS YOUR HEAD telling you that you should not be eating a certain thing, and when we think we should not eat something, ALL we want to do is eat it. 

So stop it, change your thinking. Please.