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The Balance

by | Oct 1, 2018

Everything in life is about balance. very rarely do extremes work. In some cases they do and those individuals need complete focus and no deviation but believe me, we are talking 1/100th of 1% of dieters. professional athletes, those with medical conditions etc.

When it comes to dieting you may think you need to be all or nothing. 100% all of the time or it doesn’t work. But you are wrong. How do I know?

Because you are reading this!

If you COULD do 100% all of the time you would have lost ALL of your weight the last time you started a diet and would not be reading this. Correct?

You may have been successful for a while doing all or nothing but at some point the all or nothing was too restrictive and you binged and failed. PROOF that the all or nothing IS NOT FOR YOU!

So what do you do about this?

Well, you treat your diet like all other aspects of your life. You MANAGE IT and you BALANCE IT. For example…

You manage your money.

You save for things you want, you reign in when you have overspent.

Dieting is the same, but for this to work you have to realise (and I wont harp on about it here) that from a dieting point of view food is food (not good or bad, clean or unclean, diet or non diet)

So, if you want pizza on a Friday, HAVE PIZZA. Save some calories or food allowances up in advance and then enjoy it.

If you have an unexpected pizza then save the calories or food allowances AFTER, but BALANCE IT, make the figures work.

Dieting is WEEKLY, even MONTHLY but definitely not daily. Make your week’s calories/allowances fit the bill. It wont affect your weight loss (unless you weigh the immediate morning after as you will be holding water and some of that food)

Having a pizza is not going to stop you losing weight, in fact eating ANYTHING will not stop you losing weight as long as you are within your calories/allowances for the week.

As I have said many times, your body does not see PIZZA, it simply sees CALORIES. IT does not know that you are eating something other than chicken and broccoli, only YOU do, and that is where you fail yourself. You mentally presume that magically your body goes…

“Wooah hang on there this is Pizza not Chicken, right lads let’s send ALL of this to the belly and thighs”

It doesn’t happen, sounds stupid even saying it.

But including foods like this in your diet, enjoying nights out, meals with family, it can ALL be done, you simply have to allow for it, balance it out over the week and make the figures work.

Ideally the pizza would come in a box, from a supermarket, with calorie info on so you can be sure you get your figures right, but ultimately if not, we can make best guesses, but it CAN be included.

If you don’t allow for these things in life, then your fat loss efforts will be very short lived. 


If you KNOW you have something coming up, then allow for it in advance, save calories/allowances up and then enjoy guilt free.

If you end up doing something (and were not able to show self restraint) that you did not know you were going to do then balance it afterwards. Ask me for advice.

BUT BALANCE IT (if you are trying to lose fat)

If however you choose to just f**k it, thats fine also, it’s your diet, your journey, your life, your body. You are an adult and it’s your call (but expect the results accordingly and don’t moan afterwards)


Find a balance. Diet ALL of the time, because dieting does NOT mean avoiding foods you love, it simply means being accountable, balancing the week out and making everything fit as best as you can.

There is no ON or OFF a diet. No stopping and starting again. When you do that it’s just because you assumed you messed up with something you ate and so need a clean start again (to be 100%), but as we have discussed you can’t do that.

So include the foods you love, just make them fit.

Make people look at you and go “How are you eating that on a diet, I thought you were dieting, thats not a diet” all that normal rubbish.

It’s one of the reasons I eat super low carb, unprocessed food and fast. Nothing makes me smile more than when people say to me…

“You can’t fast, you’ll get fat”

“You can’t not eat carbs, you will have no energy”

“You can’t eat all that fat, you’ll get heart disease and high Cholesterol”

The list goes on. I like to be different, and SO CAN YOU BE. Go eat pizza, enjoy the mars bar, have some beer, scoff a kebab.

Be a normal person, living your life, enjoy these things as treats and realise it is NOT the end of the diet, simply PART OF IT.

It is ALL about finding BALANCE, but making that balance FIT your calories/allowances.

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