The Debt Collector

by | Oct 25, 2019

When you stand on the scales and look at your weight, then calculate how much you still have to lose and how far you have to go, it can be depressing.

It’s a constant battle, lose some, put some on, put a bit more on. You’ve been doing it for years and you never make headway, it’s now part of your life, it’s just what you do. You diet. You’re always dieting, you’re a dieter.

You’re always looking for a magical answer, a diet that will let you change nothing, stay as you are, living life, enjoying your food and drink and yet somehow, magically, it will drop the weight off you.

You want the EASY WAY, you don’t actually want to put the work in or face the struggle, you’re not prepared to have a little hardship or deprivation.

You’ve had the fun, eaten and drunk to abandonment, with no responsibility or care or concern for the consequences and now, when your body is asking for payment on this, you are shirking into the shadows hoping the debt collector will simply leave.

And in those times when you are feeling down, depressed, miserable about it all, what do you do? You go and eat more food, drink more drink, making the situation even worse and getting further and further into debt.

Why? Because it’s the easy thing to do! You don’t have the balls or the strength to face up to the situation and do something about it. You want it (but not really), and I know it’s a controversial saying but if you DID want it, enough, you would be doing something about it.

You need to understand this. The easy option is killing you. it’s making you more overweight, compromising your health, shortening your life span, affecting every aspect of your physical and mental health.

It’s controlling your life and to a large degree having a massively negative impact on family and friends around you (you didn’t think about that bit did you?)

If you truly want to be done with this, forever, and start making headway and chipping away at the debt then you need to look at situations differently. Stop going to food and drink as your crutch, stop using it as a support mechanism. It’s like the stereotypical politician, smiling to your face but picking your pocket at the same time.

If you are overweight then food and drink is NOT currently your friend, you think it is, but it’s not. Yes you need to eat and drink it and yes it’s essential for life but that is all for now. Don’t look at it as a social companion cos it’s actually been a one sided relationship for years and you are always the underdog.

Use it for fuel, for sustenance and a purpose, don’t be friendly with it, don’t have a cuddle. Eat and drink what you NEED to, until you’ve had ENOUGH, then move away. Don’t accept its invitation to watch a movie, or sit in the garden enjoying the sun, it is simply tricking you, getting you further into debt.

Stand strong, be the boss, stop socialising with food. “Oh but life is short James, there has to be some fun, what’s the point otherwise etc etc” I KNOW all this, but LOOK where it has got you, and where it is taking you?

Make a choice, decide what’s actually important to you. if you want to be overweight, miserable, compromised and frequently annoying to those around you, continue as you are with the “Life’s too short” attitude, cos ironically, your ‘Life’s too short” attitude is ACTUALLY making your life shorter.

Make food your fuel only, especially while you are in debt to it. Once you have lost the weight then your relationship will be on a more even keel and THEN you can socialise with it and play the field, but until then get your act together and make some sacrifices, take responsibility for your actions. Open the door to the debt collector, face him head on instead of hiding behind the sofa.