The Fool

by | Jul 7, 2020

This post is the result of a recent meta analysis (where the results of multiple studies ore collated and put together) that has been released, and of course my personal experiences helping people lose weight.

If you are struggling to see results consistently, I don’t just mean one weeks result, ANYTHING could affect that, then there are some things you should be aware of.

Statistically, people under-report what they eat by up to 50%. Think about that for a minute. And yes I KNOW that YOU don’t do that, before you start on me.

We are talking the bit of oil to cook with, the odd little sweet, the bit’s you didn’t bother weighing cos it ‘looks right’ or ‘looks like it always does’ and of course eating out (which is literally anyones guess, even when they publish the calorie figures)

The snack or treat they had at the weekend, whatever it is, they under-report.

Now even when people were PAID to keep more accurate records, they STILL under reported by 30%, and even DIETICIANS, the professionals of the industry, under-reported by nearly 20%

Now I am not saying that you are liars in any way, but if you are struggling with your results and you are confident that you have stuck to plan then go back to basics.

For a whole week write down, on paper, every single thing that you eat each day, AS YOU EAT IT, not at the end of the day. Write down the weight, calories, allowances, whatever, but do it AT the time you eat it NOT later.

You will be amazed how more accountable it makes you and I guarantee you will find things that have been slipping in, or not been as accurate as they should have been.

ALL FOOD and drink has calories and energy. Nothing is free (apart from water and the veg/salad I allow you).

SO listen, if you are struggling to get results, consistently, then go back to basics.

Count everything, weigh everything, allow for everything, do it RIGHT. Treat it like you did the very first time you started the plan, be anal about it all, don’t guess or eyeball anything.

After you have done that for 2 weeks THEN you can assess if things need changing, but not before.