The Little Things

by | Aug 9, 2019

When you are looking to change yourself, be it weight, body shape, fitness levels, whatever, you have to give your body a reason to change, left to its own devices the body will do nothing ?

It is a biological organism like any other on the planet. It adapts to its environment and the load put against it. In order to survive for as long as possible and subsequently have more energy to reproduce and ergo perpetuate the species ? it is always trying to be as energy efficient as it can.

For example: The person whose only exercise is walking 15 minutes to the bus stop before and after work each day will become extremely efficient and fit at walking for 15 minutes to a bus stop twice a day.

Ask the same body to do anything else and it will be in trouble, because it has adapted only to the stimulus it has been provided with and it doesn’t want to waste energy carrying more muscle or a stronger cardiovascular system just in case you ask it to do something else.

The same is true for you personally.

If you want to lose weight, you have got to give your body a reason to do so, because it will not do it on its own.

You cannot expect to continue doing what you have been and results to magically happen, because they won’t.

The stimulus does not have to be huge, walk a little faster, stairs instead of lifts, exercise portion control, resist the temptation for the biscuits just before you are going to bed, all little things that add up and force the body to change but DO NOT feel sorry for yourself or miserable or fed up IF you have not done your small part to make the changes you want.

If you have been more active, if you have applied your diet and if you have made changes then the results will come, but don’t sit there thinking it’s all pointless if you have not done your part of the agreement.

Ultimately you either want changes or you don’t. I know thats harsh but it is true.

The problem is that most people think those changes have to absolute, and they don’t.

Today does not have to be 100% diet, 100% exercise, 100% perfect, NO, it simply has to be better than the old you.

Stop chasing perfection. If it was that easy for you to achieve then you and I would never have ever spoken in the first place.

Simply go for improvement ( and trust me that is enough), walk a little faster or further, stand instead of sit, say no to the biscuit you are offered in work (FFS that one is easy, just don’t take it, remember you are ON A DIET still). ??

All little small things add up to the results you want but don’t coast through the day expecting it to magically happen for you, and don’t lazily think “oh this one small treat won’t hurt”, because THAT is your opportunity to be that different person today, that could be YOUR thing, say no to the treat, and you have moved yourself closer to where you want to be, and as I always say, further away from the person you do not want to be.