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The Year That WILL BE

by | Dec 19, 2018

So ahead of you is a clean slate, blank canvas etc etc.

How many times have you been here? New year, New me…..

This year can be very different (but you need to read last weeks post first (go do that by clicking below then come back to this)

Now, this year has got to be different, you are not getting ANY younger and each year/week/day you waste in reaching your goals, the less of a fun life you are going to live.

Dieting sucks and is boring and a pain in the arse, no one enjoys doing it, so WHY have you prolonged the agony for so long?

Well it needs to stop, and if you read the previous post you now KNOW what I am going to say. Here are my instructions for you that IF you read, digest and action on, success will be GUARANTEED.


Food is not junk or non junk, it is not diet or non diet, it is not clean or unclean. As far as the body is concerned (from a weight loss point of view) it is simply calories.

There is absolutely NO FOOD that will stop you losing weight, and NO FOOD that will magically make you lose weight.

The body does not differentiate between Pizza Calories or Broccoli Calories. Full stop.

As soon as you realise that then there is no more “Well I have had a biscuit now so the day is ruined so may as well eat the whole pack” and it’s days like that that have caused you to not achieve your goals over the last 12 months.


The body does not operate from a calorie point of view ona . daily basis, quite possibly not weekly (but it serves for our purpose).

If you are hungry one day then eat some more food, BORROW it from the next day or further in the week

if you know you are going out or will need MORE food then save it up beforehand, bank it so your week still end ups balanced


Water is not a bad thing, you need it to survive, thats why the body stores so much of it, but the amount you store can fluctuate greatly hour by hour, day by day, week by week.

These fluctuations show on the scales and can either falsely motivate you, or unnecessarily DEmotivate you. Understand that the scales do not show the whole picture AT ALL, especially daily, see below:



Do not underestimate the extra calories you can burn simply by moving more. Walking, standing, fidgeting ALL count towards your calorie burn.

Find ways of walking further, parking the other side of the car park at the supermarket for example.


If something isn’t working, or you are struggling, ask for help. You’re a fool if you don’t.


Finally, understand that the diet you are following will only work for so long then it needs adjusting as your body changes. You cannot simply follow the same diet plan infinitum and expect it to continue to deliver results, it wont. get it refreshed.

Thats it, 6 simple things that if you follow, ESPECIALLY THE FIRST there is no scientific or evidential based reason why you will not achieve your goals this year.

I know it may seem against the grain, the first in particular, but you’ve been trying to classify food for years, listening to closer magazine and your mate Doris in the pub and look where it has NOT got you.

So this year, do it different, because the way you have been doing it has NOT BEEN WORKING!


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