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Time To Decide

by | Nov 5, 2018

We are literally weeks from Christmas (officially) but you and I know that the festivities and celebrations start well before then.

I am prompted to write this ‘this week’ because literally I have had around 30 conversations with people telling me that “It’s going to be hard now with Christmas events etc”

I completely get that, 100%, but you need to decide what you want to do here.

If you mentally succumb to the fact of “It’s Christmas” before it is ACTUALLY Christmas the damage you do will be huge. You know this, you do it every year. I am not saying that’s wrong, it is indeed a time to relax, be happy, spend with family etc and have fun, and I shall be doing the same BUT

Please understand the following:

  1. Just because it is Christmas and people expect you to eat loads and drink loads and put weight on that does NOT make it the right, or safe thing to do
  2. Just because you can laugh with your mates over how much you ate or drank and everyone ‘understands’ does NOT make it the right or safe thing to do
  3. Just because you are wanting to have a good time and you allow your kids extra treats and food and junk does NOT make it the right thing to do.

What I mean but this is that yes have fun, yes enjoy yourself and yes be human but do NOT be stupid. Do not be careless or reckless or irresponsible.

You are overweight, unhealthy, miserable and risking your life DAILY by being overweight. DAILY.

To make that situation worse, and subsequently more serious, is just suicidal and ridiculous. It’s a joke.

The reality is that most Januarys you get on the scales, you’ve probably put a good half a stone on over Christmas if not more and then you have historically spent the whole year trying to lose it and for various reasons failed.

Then the next Christmas comes around, you do the same thing again, put another half a stone on, and then fail to shift that, and over the years the weight has gone up and up and up, and not come off.

In reality, your body can actually cope quite well with Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and New Years Eve and New Years Day, and 2 or 3 Christmas parties AS LONG AS everything in-between is GOOD.

But when you eat and drink for the sake of it through most of late November and December, ‘just cos its Christmas’ then you WILL put more weight on. You will make yourself more unhealthy, sicker and miserable in the long term.

So decide what you want this year.

If you want this January to be the last time you have to re start a New Year Diet then be sensible on ALL the days you can and don’t be eating and drinking for the sake of it.

Enjoy the times when there is a reason to but at ALL other times stick to your plan, show some maturity and responsibility and treat yourself with some more respect. You can comfortably get through these upcoming weeks with minimal damage, but not if you behave like a kid.

NB: Yes I know life is short etc etc and if you are thinking that then read the post again, that is NOT what I am saying X

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