Time to Own It

by | Aug 16, 2019

You are always going to be presented with crossroads when dieting.

Do you cheat, or remain strong and stick to your plan?

Cheating is easy, anyone can do that. Anyone can eat the cake, or drink the beer, or order 3 courses, or have ‘just one biscuit’. Any man, woman and dog can do that with no effort, no hard work, nothing. For the lean, healthy, non dieting individual that’s awesome, democracy and free will operating at it’s best, go fill your boots and enjoy!

But if you ARE dieting, and you are not lean, or not as healthy as you should be then that means at some point previously you’ve done a bit too much cheating, had too many 3 course meals out or had too many ‘just one biscuits’. There is no ifs or buts about this, excess fat does not materialise from nothing (defies ALL laws of physics), you are overweight because you have eaten and drunk too much. Period.

This means that while on your diet you have given up the right and privilege to cheat. You’ve already had the fun and frolics, now you have to pay the price. You have to undo the damage of too much excess. You don’t have an option of cheating, there’s no crossroads for you, the road has to be straight.

If you continue having ‘cheats’ you are being greedy. It’s like you and your mates each receiving the same box of chocolates, you chomping through yours as quick as you can and then pinching some from your friends. Get off, stop it, its not right and it’s not acceptable. You’ve had yours already, you’re done.

Now is your time to realise you have work to do, there are NO cheat options. Continuing to allow cheats in your dieting journey is the same as saying..

“You know what, I absolutely LOVE being overweight, don’t care I am unhappy with how I look, I’m pleased that I am at greater risk of various health disorders and hey, who cares that on holiday I don’t wear a swimsuit or I have to cover up in the summer”

That’s garbage, of course its not true, so why are you having cheats and prolonging the process and ultimately delaying reaching your goal? Why are you doing your utmost, often as a reward for being good (???) to sabotage what you are desperately trying to achieve?

If you want a ‘cheat’, if you want to have something that is a bit ‘naughty’, going to a party, celebrating with friends, whatever then SPEAK TO ME. By all means eat the cake and biscuits and drinks but let’s make it fit within your plan then even though it’s ‘cheat food’ it actually won’t be a cheat. It’ll be counted and allowed for.

You have to decide what you want here. Yes by all means take the easy route and just say “well I’ll get back on it tomorrow or one won’t kill me or well I still need to have a life” but you voluntarily decided to forgo that when you decided to start a diet, and like I said, you can make anything fit your plan (with my help) if you want it to.

So when faced with your next cheat situation, remind yourself that NO, this isn’t a game, you’re not playing at this, you want it over as soon as possible and you want results.

If you are looking at a situation, and it looks bad, that means it probably is, so don’t take the easy route. Perpetual, yoyo dieters do that.

If you want to remain in that club then go ahead and cheat but if you don’t and you want to get off the dieting train then tough it out buttercup because the rewards for doing so are HUGE!