Yes, but…

by | Jun 11, 2019

Think about this for a minute…

When you are dieting, trying to lose weight, how many times have you tried to explain a period or meal or weekend of NOT dieting with “Yes, but….”

Either to yourself or others.

Now also, how many times have you listened to someone say it to you.

Think of a mate you have, or family member, who is ALWAYS on a diet, or always trying to diet. Jumping between plans, preaching about how “this is it this time” and “I’m really doing it” and “Doris, come do this with me it’s amazing and so easy and I lost like 4lb in my first week”

You get the idea.

Anyway, think about when you have asked this person how the diet is going, how was the weekend etc and they replied to you with

“Wasn’t great, ended up with blah blah so had some wine too but back on it from today”

You reply with

“Oh that’s a shame (or something similar)” and they say

“YES, BUT…..”

  • It was raining
  • I didn’t get in from work till late
  • Tilly had a bad day at school
  • Tilly had a GOOD day at school
  • The cows in the office hate me
  • I was feeling under the weather
  • The sun was shining
  • We had nothing prepared
  • It’s my birthday
  • It’s the weekend

etc etc etc

You have heard ALL these things before and you KNOW that as soon as this person says “yes, but…” you think to yourself “Oh here we go, some lame excuse for not sticking to her diet, some reason to JUSTIFY why she didn’t do it, wonder what the reason is this time”

Well that is YOU, that is what people think of YOU when you say it.

That’s YOU

That’s YOU using any reason or excuse to justify why you couldn’t POSSIBLY diet or be expected to diet in such and such situation. 

Thats YOU kidding yourself that ‘everyone would understand and no one will judge you for it”

and it’s YOU who ultimately suffers for it. It’s not a WIN, it’s not a RESULT, it’s just an excuse.

I say this time and time again, annoyingly so I am sure, but there is NEVER EVER EVER a situation where you can’t diet IF YOU WANT TO, or at LEAST not DAMAGE the diet.

You always have 2 last case strategies at your disposal

  1. Portion Control
  2. Fasting

NOT ONE situation where you HAD to have a chippy, or takeaway, NOT ONE

Definitely NO REASON why you had to have seconds on the buffet, or cake with the meal out.


I am all for having a life, and socialising, and takeaways BUT stop kidding yourself and making a fool in front of others.

If you have a takeaway and it’s not on your plan you do so willingly, no one makes you, no one forces you, the circumstances definitely did not make you, YOU CHOSE TO

So accept it for what it was. It’s not a cheat meal, it’s simply a high calorie meal!

That’s it, not life over, not something that needs excuses or justifying, it just IS

“Hi Doris, how was your weekend, did you manage to stick to your diet?”

“Oh hell yes girl, nailed it. Had some beautiful salads for lunches, enjoyed some fantastic poached eggs on Sunday and Saturday night devoured a lovely Chinese with the family”

“But Doris, chinese isn’t on your diet dude”

“Yes it is love, you’re assuming ‘diet’ means only my food, but actually my DIET is my way of life now, and that includes the occasional chinese with the family, so that makes it PART of my diet, ergo I stuck to my diet all weekend and all is good and I am at peace with that”

“That’s wrong Doris, chinese isn’t diet food, it means you broke your diet, you failed”

“And tell me dear, how has that attitude towards dieting been working out for you the whole of your adult life?”