Your Perfect Diet

by | Mar 18, 2019

OK, so everyone is always looking for the holy grail, the magic diet that miraculously drops weight off you without too much deprivation and of course as you have most likely found out, there isn’t one.

Why? because we are all different. We like different foods, we eat at different times, we get triggered emotionally by different things etc etc

SO this week I am going to keep this super short.

When working out your ideal diet you need to factor in a couple of things:

  1. It needs to create a calorie deficit for your body
  2. It needs to be sustainable

Let’s break that down

  1. In order to lose weight you HAVE to consume less energy than your body needs, that way it will then dip into its energy reserves (your fat stores) to make up the shortfall. This equates to fat loss.
  2. You have to consistently force the body to dip into its fat stores in order to be successful at losing all your weight. Dropping in and out when you feel like it doesn’t cut the mustard, as you well know.

So now we know the 2 essential elements of successful fat loss, how do we design the right plan for you.

  1. Well the first bit is relatively simple. I have numerous calculations to use in order to work out the figures you need, they always need tweaking initially AND they need tweaking as you lose your weight too, to keep the fat coming off, but they are always near or near enough. Bear in mind that lots of factors affect the figure, because we are all different.
  2. The consistency is the difficult bit, but ONLY because you make it so. You try to change the way you like to eat cos you think it’s not diet food, or is unhealthy etc etc, and I understand that but

You need consistency, and you already have that in what you eat NOW, the foods you eat, the times you eat them etc.

YES your diet has made you overweight but not because of WHAT you have eaten, but because of how MUCH you have eaten, and we can fix that dead easy with some allowance or colorie tracking.

So your perfect diet is actually dead simple.

Eat as you like to eat and can consistently do so (and we know you can consistently eat like this because otherwise you would have starved to death)

Stick within your calories or allowances. So basically just eat less, and if what you want to eat is too high to fit in one day then save calories or allowances up in advance to pay for it.

And it’s THAT EASY.

The ONLY thing causing you a problem is YOU, demonising food. Full stop.

THAT is why you are still bleeding dieting ALL these years later after you first thought you were overweight. That is the ONLY ONLY reason, YOU demonising certain foods.