Your Perfect Diet

by | Jan 10, 2020

Everyone is always looking for the perfect diet. They think you need to eat certain foods, or avoid certain foods, or eat at specific times, or only combine certain foods.

You think that there must be a magic formula that somehow drops the fat and is the key to success.

Now it is very true that there are things we can do to improve your chances, to help the fat loss along. You are all different though and what works for one may not work for another however, NOTHING works as efficiently or effectively as a calorie deficit. It’s the holy grail, the king in the chair, the top of the tree.

NO amount of magic this or that, the timing of this or that, or including/excluding this or that works as well as a calorie deficit, and if you don’t HAVE a calorie deficit going on, NONE of the the other stuff makes a jack of difference.

So how do you FIND the perfect diet?

  1. Well take a look at what you currently eat. Look at the foods you love, that you regularly consume. Whatever they are, healthy or non healthy, veg or not, takeaway or not, whatever those foods are, THEY are the foods you need to include in your diet.
  2. Then take a look at the foods you do NOT eat, stuff you don’t like, things you don’t include in your current diet. Those are the foods you do NOT want to have in your perfect diet.
  3. Then look at the times you eat, do you skip breakfast or lunch, or both, do you eat later at weekends, do you eat late at night, do you snack, do you not, do you have to have breakfast? Whatever the times are that you currently eat, THOSE are the times you need to stick to and continue with on your perfect diet..

So basically, your diet needs to include the foods you love and are currently eating, doesn’t want to include the foods you don’t like and are not currently eating, and you need to eat all this following the pattern you currently employ, cos that’s actually what works for you.

MEANING, quite simply, you already have the PERFECT DIET. It works FOR YOU NOW

The problem is, you eat TOO MUCH.

So the only tweak you need to do, is EAT LESS.

Keep the foods the same, keep the timing the same, keep your eating patterns the same, SIMPLY EAT LESS.

Now this of course is where TSP comes in. I write you plans that give you all the flexibility you need to have the foods you want, and eat when you want to, but it simply controls HOW MUCH you eat during the week, and that’s the bit you have been getting wrong on your own.

It’s nothing to do with what you eat, or when you eat, simply HOW MUCH.

So instead of hunting for something new take a closer look at what you ideally would do if NOT dieting, think of the foods, drinks and meal timings THEN make it fit within the quantities I set you on TSP. If it’s a food that you can’t work out how to include, then simply speak to me, that’s why I am here.

And that’s it. Don’t make it complicated, or difficult, or confusing or hard. keep it as simple was you can.

Eat what you like, drink what you like, eat when you like, but simply make it stick within your plan, which means you will eat less and fat loss will happen.

In a nutshell, you already HAVE your perfect diet, you simply need to eat less X