Autumn Time

by | Sep 1, 2019

I guarantee that every year you say to yourself, around this time, that next year is going to be different.

You’re going to be slim, eat and drink without feeling guilty, show more flesh, wear swimwear on holiday, not shy away from social invitations and generally be happy in your body.

But you say this every year and nothing changes, and there are 2 reasons why…

  1. You try to be too extreme, which means the diet is unsustainable and you fail
  2. You don’t start soon enough getting your body in shape, which means you run out of time (see point 1)

Point 2 is the main one, because that time is NOW.

Summer is over, kids going back to school, routines getting back to normal. NOW is the time to get cracking..

but that doesn’t mean full on, hells bells, torture and deprivation. You have 8 months here to do this, slow and steady, consistent and sustainable.

If you start now, 1 lb a week (EASILY DONE for 99% of you) would see you completely transformed by next Summer.

It doesn’t matter that Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, whatever is still coming, they ALWAYS come. There’s always going to be something in the way..

But if you start NOW you have time to absorb them and STILL reach your goals!

So stop messing, stop ‘setting a date’, stop ‘thinking about it’


If you need a new plan or not had one for a while, message me (loads has changed recently)

If you need help because you have been struggling, message me!

TSP offers you flexibility, freedom, food lists, calories, ME for support, weekly videos, motivation posts, new recipes, the list goes on…

You have everything you need to make this work, but you can’t keep putting off or you WILL, I GUARANTEE be no closer to your goals by the time the sun comes round.

You think you have loads of time, and you DO, but thats means you can do this sustainably. Crashing into it in the New Year is TOO LATE.

Think about this, PLEASE.