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You’re So Lucky

by | Nov 16, 2018

Today, according to figures from the World Health Organisation, more people on our planet die from overeating relating diseases than die from starvation.

Think about that for a minute

Half the world is literally eating themselves to an early death, the other half is starving (generalisation I know but you get the point)

We are in a situation (in the UK) where a 5 hour flight would literally put you in a country where 50% of children die from not enough food!

So to be where you are now (and where I have been too so please don’t think I am trying to be righteous) in that we have eaten food to an abundance, far too much for our needs, let alone simply to survive, is, if you think about it, is quite vulgar and embarrassing.

But that isn’t the main issue here or the point I want to get across:

Every single one of us, me included, while dieting, MOANS ABOUT IT. Complains it’s too hard, it’s not easy, it’s difficult, can’t do it, life sucks etc etc

But do we have any right to moan? Not only is half the world starving, people like you and me, who breathe the same air and swim in the same oceans, but we DID THIS TO OURSELVES

No one forced us, no one rammed it down our throat, WE DID IT.

And now we want to moan about it.


So, the point of this post is as follows

YES dieting sucks, it’s hard, it’s miserable and it is a ball ache.

It stops us having fun sometimes and makes us miserable, it seems to take over our life and dominates all of our thoughts….

but surely better that than our thoughts being all consumed by worrying about where our next meal is actually coming from?

In fact, we are actually lucky to be in a situation where we NEED to diet.

So head down, focus on the job, and get on with it.

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